Hi, my name is Matthew Ochoa and I am the owner and craftsman of Royal Priesthood Goods.

I am a someone who likes to create things on a daily basis and creativity has given me many opportunities to build an income. I am a freelance videographer/photographer and I also work part time at my local church. Finding this art of leather crafting has been so fun for me to disconnect from the regular computer and digital work I do every day. I am recently married to my beautiful bride Stephanie and when we are both not working, we are running a small Bible Study from our home. I am a Christian and I love Jesus Christ and one of the big reasons as to why I started this business is because He was carpenter most of His life and worked with His hands to create every day objects and leather crafting operates in the same way for me. I decided to call the brand the name it holds because in 1 Peter 2:9, in the Bible, we are referred to as a Royal Priesthood and a chosen generation. You will find that verse on the back of all of our business cards so that we can remind people of their true worth.

As of right now, it is just me and me alone who operate and craft each product but we do plan on expanding in the future. I really hope you enjoy this website and our products and thank you very much for taking interest in reading about who I am.

Matthew Ochoa