We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products because we stand behind the integrity and quality of our production. All of our products are made with leather and thread and there might be times in life where even the highest quality materials can potentially break. We appreciate all of our customers and we know that you work hard to earn the money that you use to spend on our products to enjoy for a lifetime. Because of that, we warrant our products against defects in the material used and workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance for the life of our products. 

This means we will replace or repair any product or part of a product that was defective. See our shipping & refund policy for more information. If we can fix your product, we will do just that, and if it's not reparable, we will replace it with the same product or a product of the same value and/or style. Please understand that products on our site are not permanent and they may change every so often to keep up with today's standards. Some leather colors and branding styles may change as well. 

Our job is to treat you like royalty because that is what you are to us and to the One that we do this for. Have a peace of mind with the fact that our products are made to last a lifetime or more. However, if you purchase a belt and use it as a harness or you buy a keychain and use it for mountain climbing, our products warranty will be void. And we hope you understand that warranty does not include charges connected with shipping, freight, custom fees, or duties to ship the products. 

So be good to your leather good(s) and it will be just as good if not better back. Treat it like garbage and it will look like, and eventually turn into garbage.  

Oh and also this warranty shall be void if the product is re-sold or traded to another owner. To help us out we may require your email or shipping address to verify that you did buy directly from us. We love you all and want you to know we have your back.